Letter: Drop this list

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Sir: Matthew Ravenhill (Letter, 23 November) does not understand the objections to a closed list system.

In this part of the world we have an MEP, David Hallam (Labour), who is highly respected and widely regarded. He attracts support from supporters of all political parties because they consider that he does a very good job. They find that fact more appealing than his party label. It seems that under the closed list system he is likely to lose his seat because he will not be high enough up the Labour Party's list for this region. Instead we are told that an actor from London is likely to be top of the list, someone whom very few people would actually vote for above Mr Hallam.

Democracy should be about the voters deciding who represents them, not the parties. Under a closed list system I cannot imagine people like Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Teresa Gorman, Bill Cash and other members of the awkward squad, of whatever party, being high enough up the list to get elected. But I for one, whatever I may think of their politics, am glad that they are there representing the many who share their point of view.


Weston Rhyn,