Letter: Dumb kids' TV

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Dumb kids' TV

Sir: TV is a powerful educational medium. On average children spend more time in front of the box than in front of their teachers. Whereas Tom Sutcliffe points to both good and bad in television, that which is aimed at children is dismal ("The one-eyed hypnotist", 4 March).

I challenge any adult to watch any single episode of Blue Peter from beginning to end, and consider whether they like the idea of these presenters being a role model for their children or grandchildren. Live and Kicking, Dig It and others are so poor my challenge would be unfair.

The influence of these programmes on speech, manners and morality is probably as great as parents and teachers put together.

Having watched the trivia presented to our rising generation with such empty enthusiasm, one might re-read Brave New World and shudder at the accuracy of Huxley's predictions.

"Dumbing down" may go out of fashion as a phrase but the phenomenon is set to continue unless the present vicious circle can be broken.

Only an independent BBC could do this, but it now seems hell-bent on undercutting ITV in programme merit