Letter: Dyslexia battle

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Sir: Dyslexia can be one of many factors which could lead to a life of crime ("Word blind", 7 November). However, there is a further dimension.

The concern of many connected with dyslexics is the fact that dyslexia still has a tendency to be viewed as a "middle class" disability. Furthermore, it appears that there is a better chance of the disability being diagnosed correctly if the sufferer has forceful and articulate parents, who can persuade their child's school and Local Education Authority to test for dyslexia, or pay the fees of an independent psychologist.

These children are lucky, but my concerns lie with the children of less- well-off families living in areas where LEAs and local schools are either unwilling, or unable to offer assistance.

I would suggest that there are considerable numbers of children who are being damaged by being labelled stupid or disruptive, when in fact they are dyslexic. What happens in such cases is that these children are being unjustly denied the right to the education they deserve, to facilitate their ability to achieve their full potential and take advantage of life's opportunities. My advice to parents who find themselves in such a situation is to fight, be vocal, and encourage their schools and education authority to fully discharge their obligations to their child.



The Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association ,