Letter: Eclipse tranquillity

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Sir: I must thank Gage Williams, eclipse co-ordinator for Cornwall, for the ultra efficient way he kept Cornwall going during eclipse week.

I was able to drive around with the ease only winter usually brings, eat in all my favourite restaurants without booking, visit normally crowded attractions, beaches, pubs and coastal walk.

The best aspect, however, was probably the service I received at the doctor's surgery. Thursday saw me walking into the surgery and seeing a doctor immediately followed by a quick drive to Bodmin to see a consultant that it would normally take me six to 12 months to see, should I care to go to Truro. Indeed I believe with all the cancelled operations anyone requiring surgery at Treliske this week would have received excellent attention regardless of financial constraints.

The down side to all this tranquillity, however, is the fact that the tourist industry has felt a pinch which, given the state of our fishing, mining and farming industries, did not really need this kind of "help" from politicians and bureaucrats.

The moral of the tale appears to be - never ask a politician, especially one with a military background, to crack a nut; they will always use a sledgehammer.


Wadebridge, Cornwall