Letter: Embassy bombing

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Sir: Robert Fisk's article on the two Palestinians jailed for conspiracy to bomb the Israeli embassy in London (26 November) is based on the notion that Reda Moghrabi, who may or may not even exist, may have been an Israeli agent. Leading Palestinians have stated that the Israeli authorities were responsible for some of the recent terrorist bombings in Israel. It is depressing to see The Independent giving credence to the absurd notion that the Israelis are responsible for bombing their own embassies.

Samar Alami, one of the jailed pair, was a supporter of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group which has murdered many Jews around the world in the name of the Palestinian struggle. These have included attacks on synagogues, kosher restaurants and Jewish community leaders whose only connection to Israel was a shared religion. No wonder Samar Alami "took an interest in Jewish affairs".

The building destroyed in Argentina a week before the London attacks was not the Israeli embassy, but a Jewish community centre, and many of the 96 victims of that bomb were Jewish children at kindergarten. The Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires was actually blown up in 1992, killing 30 people. That, too, has been attributed in some quarters to an Israeli- planted device.


Director General

The Board of Deputies of British Jews

London WC1