Letter: Errant lawyers

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Errant lawyers

Sir: The article "Complaints swamp the Law Society" (24 February) seems to be turning reality on its head. The Law Society has always taken the issue of complaints against solicitors very seriously.

Over the past few years we have invested considerably, for example pounds 5m on a sophisticated computer system, to improve how complaints are dealt with to ensure that solicitors' clients do receive a fair deal. Indeed the solicitors' profession offers the broadest and fullest safeguards to clients of any profession.

To suggest the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors closed down the two solicitors' firms accused of immigration fraud to stave off criticism is untrue. It took steps the very same day it obtained the evidence needed from the Legal Aid Board.

Our frustration with the issue of immigration abuse has been the lack of information to act on and the powers to act. We continue to press the Government for these extra powers so we can match our commitment to tackling fraud with effective action.



The Law Society

London WC2