Letter: EU nightmare

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Sir: Having just returned from my first foray into the Strasbourg Parliament, I can fully understand the concern of your correspondent Mr Hanson (letter, 23 July), who wants Britain to withdraw from the EU, over whose decisions we can, as he says, exert no influence.

The European Parliament exactly conforms to that old joke definition of a committee as a group of people who, individually, can do nothing, who meet to decide, collectively, that nothing can be done.

The experience last week has convinced me that my fellow UK Independence Party MEPs and I must work hard to extract Britain from this bureaucratic nightmare and make all 87 of Britain's MEPs redundant.

When that happy day arrives, Terry Wynn MEP (letter, 20 July) will no longer have to endure the guilt and frustration he so obviously feels about accepting tax-payers' money for being, by his own admission, ineffectual.



United Kingdom Independence Party

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