Letter: Euro-hypocrites

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Sir: I'm not exactly the most pro-Euro of people (former Referendum Party candidate, current member of Business for Sterling) and yet I am convinced that even I could do a better job of selling the EU to the people of Europe than whoever is in charge at the moment.

If people are so clearly attached to the trivial but symbolic fig-leaves of their historic national identities (the colour of their passports, the monarch's heads on their banknotes, the hallmarks used by their silversmiths, the curvature of their bananas), why not just leave well alone and get on with the important "big" stuff of European Union instead? And when the fate of the euro in more than one member state depends on the outcome of a referendum, it seems more than a bit silly to go out of your way to infuriate the general public when you really don't need to.

I understand that because of widespread cheating they are having to rerun the EU fonctionnaire exams, to pick the next generation of top bureaucrats; do you think it would be too late for me to put my name down?