Letter: Euro preparations

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Sir: I work in the DSS, where work has started on preparing for the introduction of the euro. Euro Project teams have been set up in the department's Executive Agencies. The Government's National Changeover Plan has identified the DSS as the most complicated department to convert, costing probably hundreds of millions for changing IT systems, leaflets, training staff etc.

How can the Government justify this expenditure before a referendum on whether the UK wishes to join the euro? Surely in a democracy the referendum should take place before taxpayers' money is spent on the preparatory work.

The Government is trying to achieve the introduction of the single currency by stealth and hopes people will be afraid to vote "No" when all this money has already been spent.

Tony Blair should state how much the Government (and the European Commission on our behalf) has spent and give an undertaking that all further expenditure and plans will stop until a referendum is held.


Ilkley, West Yorkshire