LETTER: Europe vs America

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Europe vs America

Sir: W H White contends that the case for an early referendum on EMU is compelling because, in its absence, the next general election will, perforce, become the referendum (letter, 5 March).

I think this view is mistaken. The next election will be decided on the record of the Government on a range of policies and on the "voter appeal" of the main figures of the Labour and Conservative parties. The odds are against a narrowly based Conservative Party led by Hague or Portillo overturning the huge government majority.

A second general election victory will enormously strengthen the Government's hand in recommending EMU to the country.

In the same issue J W Smith of the UK Independence Party states that it is the pro-federalists (I hold up my hand) who will benefit from the intervention by Lord Owen and his New Europe movement. I do not quite follow the reasoning, but it does seem that the various anti-euro groups have become a sort of outdoor relief for superannuated politicians in search of an audience. They are welcome to them.


Bromyard, Herefordshire