LETTER: Europe vs America

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Europe vs America

Sir: Several of your correspondents on the subject of the euro are at last getting to the heart of the matter (letters, 4 March). The issues are sovereignty and national identity, but not in the way that the tabloid press and the Tory party see them.

British sovereignty has been an illusion since 1945. British governments have been in hock to the USA ever since, both politically and economically. However this is dressed up, whether as the "special relationship" or pragmatic Antlanticism makes little difference. Britain is allowed to cultivate all the trappings of sovereignty - the monarchy, the pound and a thousand- year history - but it dances to the American tune.

But what really saddens me is the way in which our values and culture are being eroded by global (read American) culture and values. I often wonder how many of those who cheerfully sport casual wear bearing the words USA or the American flag are also opposed to the European Union and the euro.

The only way to establish the realistic sovereignty we are entitled to as a medium-weight power, to protect our way of life and culture, is to join with other vigorous, culturally independent and proud nations in a further integrated Europe.

Can we stop pretending?