Letter: European elections

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Sir: Canvassers in the European elections may like to consider the example of Charlotte, Lady Bonham Carter, who died in 1989 at the age of 96.

An undated news cutting in her papers at Hampshire County Council's Record Office in Winchester reveals that while canvassing in Southwark she played "more than 50 pianos" at the homes of electors.

"The people want music," she told the reporter, "but they can seldom get it in their homes, even though they have pianos, as two-thirds of them have. I have had many a pleasant half-hour playing to them in their homes, and in some cases quite a crowd of neighbours have come in to hear the 'concert'."

Unfortunately there is no record of the impact of this canvassing method on the outcome of the election.


County Archivist

Hampshire Record Office