Letter: Expensive wind-up

Sir: Hopefully without sounding entirely unsympathetic, I must say I find the furore over the so-called Rolex Raiders ("Time bandits", 25 August) somewhat disquieting.

If the reason for the widespread press coverage can be at least partially explained by the celebrity status of the victims, the establishment of complex and extensive police surveillance operations to entrap the culprits is less easily understood. A browse through my local weekly paper reveals countless muggings and thefts, the victims of which are every bit as traumatised as these fabulously wealthy individuals who recount their experience as if they have just survived the Battle of the Somme.

If scarce police resources were allocated more with the intention of protecting the pounds 20 Seikos of the majority than the ludicrous adornments of rich fools, then it might go some of the way towards reclaiming for the Metropolitan Police the respect of ordinary Londoners.


London N19