Letter: Family values

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Sir: Caroline Millar (letter, 16 March) could not make the point better - not all mothers wish to work outside the home while their children are small. Neither do I, though I am a father, not a mother.

Thank God for my partner, who works some of the time so that I can look after our daughter some of the time. Thank God that our earnings and career prospects are similar so that economics does not force one of us into full-time work and the other out of work altogether. Thank God that our jobs welcome flexible hours, part-timing and working from home. Thank God for grandparents who help out in any tight squeeze.

Because my wife's opportunity in the workplace is the same as mine, my opportunity to participate in childcare is the same as hers. This is the future. The main winner is our daughter, who gets two close parental bonds.


Crickhowell, Powys