Letter: Fare views

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Sir: British Airways' marketing director, Martin George, defends BA's in-flight food (Right of Reply, 27 October) alleging that mine were "the subjective views of one".

Not so. I took a journalist with me as a witness on my two anonymous, economy class flights, London to New York (one of my inspectors made two additional BA flights, so we flew BA four times).

Mr George holds up chefs Michael Roux, Anton Mosimann and Brian Turner as a shield, though they probably advise on club class, not economy class food.

Let me quote extracts from our written findings: "...roasted chicken in a wet, soggy, flabby skin, garnished by ratatouille flowing into the grey, sticky, glutinous, over-cooked risotto (an idiotic combination) and French beans extremely over-cooked or tinned - overall it looked like a dog's dinner; chopped up, dull salad bits with soggy croutons one couldn't eat; `seared and peppered salmon' with an un-fresh, unpleasant taste... ".

I very much doubt that the three distinguished chefs would have been responsible for these depressing experiences.


London SW3