Letter: Fathers at home

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Fathers at home

Sir: Why does Owen Whitaker believe it is not instinctive for a father to care for his children ("When Dad's left holding the baby", 19 April)? Presuming childcare is naturally a woman's responsibility and desire is exactly the sort of attitude that makes it difficult for men to stay at home whilst their partners work.

I write this while my 20-month-old son sleeps upstairs, the baby monitor at my side and my wife at work pursuing her very important career.

Like Owen Whitaker, I have found I'm the odd one out as a house-husband. People assume I am looking for work, that I am filling in for a time, that this is not really me. But I don't feel a lack of self-respect. I feel proud to care for my son, proud to be a house-husband.

My main need is for this to be seen as natural and normal and to be treated as all other carers are. And if men are seen as natural instinctive carers women can be seen as natural instinctive "hunter-gatherers" pursuing careers.