Letter: Feminist shunned

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Feminist shunned

Sir: I am a man and a feminist but Germaine Greer states that I can't be (Wednesday Review, 3 March). To paraphrase: a feminist is a woman who identifies with other women above all else.

I have always had a lot of respect for her but now I am to be thrown out of the club on the grounds of sex. I have always believed in equality for women in all aspects of life, from the right to equal pay to the right to buy a round in the pub. I have even argued the feminist cause with some women who have thought themselves to be an inferior sex.

I find it truly hurtful that, having expounded the cause for so many years, I am denied the fundamental right that I thought was her cause.

One of us has lost the plot. If it's me I wish someone could explain where I've gone wrong.


Worthing, Sussex