Letter: Feudal Pakistan

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Sir: Professor Akbar Ahmed, High Commissioner for Pakistan, explains his reasons for accepting the post under the military regime (Comment, 8 December). From what he says it will take a decade to sort out the problems that Pakistan faces. I do not hold out any hope; as usual the military will again be booted out by the people.

A cursory glance at the situation in Pakistan will reveal the causes of failure of democracy. Unless we remove that cause, Pakistan will move from one crisis to another.

The main issue is feudalism. If Pakistan wants to play its rightful role in the world, it should first get rid of feudal lords. The influence of such landlords is immense in Sindh and Punjab and makes mockery of elections. It is just like elections in Russia when Stalin was in power.

General Musharraf today has the support of the people of Pakistan and should use this opportunity to banish feudalism from Pakistan. Otherwise, he will be another dictator.


Croydon, Surrey