Letter: Flowering fields

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Sir: Like Natasha Walter ("In the fields of conflict", 2 August) I have memories of cornflowers growing in fields from my childhood. But recently, with my family, I visited an organic farm and I saw them again.

There wildlife is encouraged and wild flowers are growing in profusion - not only cornflowers, but poppies, corncockle and wild marigolds. The fields were a wonderful sight. Overhead, naturally, the skylarks were singing. My children had never seen anything like it before, and my grandchildren now will have memories like mine. The farm was at Ringstead in Norfolk and it belonged to Lord Melchett.

In the reports I have seen about the damaging of GM crops in Norfolk and the arrest of Lord Melchett, no mention is made of his own farming methods. No wonder he is concerned about GM crops growing in fields nearby.