Letter: Flushed with pride

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Sir: How easy it is for commentators like Andy Kershaw (The Week in Radio, 20 November) to belittle something about which he obviously knows very little.

The World Plumbing Council, established in 1990, is an international organisation which seeks to improve plumbing standards across the globe, for the benefit of the world community.

It is working with the World Health Organisation and is supported by many leading plumbing organisations.

Mr Kershaw poses the question "Why Sun City?" and implies that this is an unsuitable venue for our conference. But why not? It has to be somewhere! The 650 delegates at the 1999 conference came from all over the world and Sun City is just as accessible as London

The World Plumbing Council is an organisation that has a serious job to do. It has no paid staff but continues its work through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

It is gaining in stature through events like its conference and will pursue its aims through any (legal) means of attracting attention to the plumbing problems which face the world.



World Plumbing Council

Hornchurch, Essex