Letter: Football thugs

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Letter: Football thugs

Sir: If you want to understand the violent behaviour of young men attending the World Cup in France, read Oliver James's article "How to Make Schoolchildren Feel Inadequate" (16 June).

Most of us need to succeed at something and if the education system fails to deliver success, then some will seek to "win" in other fields. These violent young men dominate others; they are violent, but they are also brave, by their own lights, and good at defending the "honour" of their country.

If they could not succeed at this self-chosen crusade they would succeed at nothing whatsoever - no exam passes, no careers, not even approbation from society for being useless but non-violent. Certainly no large salaries and only the Lottery as hope of a fortune. What would you do if you were an "unsuccessful" young man in our selfish society?


Teddington, Middlesex