Letter: Four wheels bad

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Sir: Richard Evans (Letter, 6 October) is right in all but his final point: "The time has come for car laws." Actually, there are some pretty good car laws already, if only they were effectively enforced.

I was cycling to work when I saw a driver using the bus lane during the restricted period. Catching up with her, I remonstrated with her to point out the error of her ways - only to be roundly abused for tapping on her window. Unfortunately, with arrogant individuals like this, it is only when they know that they will be prosecuted for their illegal behaviour that they are likely to think about adopting a more civilised approach to driving.

The same applies, only even more so, to speeding. Along the Thames Embankment in London, for example, where I regularly cycle, it is extremely rare to find any drivers keeping within the 30mph speed limit. Most act as though it did not exist.

The time has come for the police to act on the laws we have.


London SW15