Letter: Fox and hounds

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Sir: Mr Blair's announcement of a ban on fox-hunting shows a hypocrisy and cynicism reminiscent of his attack on Yugoslavia.

In Yugoslavia, he and his allies killed 1,500 people, injured something like 20,000 more, deprived perhaps millions of their livelihoods, and destroyed most of that nation's infrastructure, all to show us what a great humanitarian he is.

Now he proposes to save the lives of a few hundred foxes, criminalise about 250,000 law-abiding citizens, deprive some 12,500 of their livelihoods, and jeopardise a large part of our rural infrastructure, presumably to show that he is still a great class warrior.

Both of these actions Mr Blair has supported by appeals to the emotions of the electorate rather than by reasoned argument. How long are we going to let him get away with treating us as fools?

At least his attack on hunting is unlikely to kill any innocent civilians.


London W11