Letter: Fraud and veg

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Sir: In "Third prize for skulduggery in the beetroot section" (Review, 1 September), Miles Kington has done the world of flower shows a real service in his fearless exposure of malpractice.

Here we were, innocently assuming that all entries were genuine and not acquired at the supermarket and all the time outwardly upright citizens had been entering the compost sausage section in duplicate with material taken from the same heap! Goodness knows how many 10p prizes have thus been claimed.

The compost sausage judge, a butcher recently made redundant through BSE, will be reprimanded and the compost sausages class abandoned.

As to the scandal of the pompom dahlia, words fail me. Do you think that we should refer this matter to the Parish Council?

Next year Mr Kington will have free entry (no 50p necessary). In return do you think he might present the prizes free of charge?



Westwood Flower Show Committee, Wiltshire