Letter: Free-thinking nuns

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Free-thinking nuns

Sir: I read with interest, amusement and a degree of amazement Jenny Newman's Religious Notes "Time for a revolution in the convent" (25 May).

I meet many religious sisters and I am wondering where to find these "modern women" who are denied the intellectual liberties of their medieval and renaissance predecessors. In the Faithful Companions of Jesus we have a valued tradition of offering the sisters continuing opportunity for development, theologically and intellectually, and are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for our own personal growth.

I'm not unusual in having had the opportunity of eight years' full-time university education leading to a string of degrees, including a doctorate in Science and Religion.

Working as an ecumenical officer and in frequent contact with church leaders I have every opportunity to offer suggestions, express opinions, engage in theological reflection. I don't deny the existence of the "dark nights" of St John of the Cross but I am not aware of too many opportunities for boredom.


Greater Manchester Churches Together