Letter: Futuristic phones

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Sir: BT's plans to install 1,000 Multiphones across the UK, for the first national network of public Internet terminals, are far from "shaky" ("The Internet callbox without a busy tone", 30 October).

Contracts for more than 200 have already been signed and installation will start this month. The success of Multiphone will depend on the size of the network - we are on target to install 1,000 by March next year.

Further developments will include videophone, news, sport and travel information, directory inquiries on-screen, a printer, and cash and credit card payment.

Six Multiphones will be installed in the Millennium Dome; two will have videophone cameras that will link up with 10 other Multiphones with video cameras around the country.

This message has been sent to you by e-mail from BT's Multi-phone at London's Waterloo station.



BT Payphones

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire