Letter: Gays and Cardinal

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Sir: We have become used to the words "paedophile" and "homosexual" being linked in ill-informed comment, but I really thought that Cardinal Winning (Right of Reply, 25 June) would have taken the trouble to check his facts. Does he not know that HIV attacks both men and women, gay and straight? Does he really believe that "predatory" men (gay or straight) will take any notice of legal restraint?

Being homosexual is not a lifestyle. We did not choose our sexual orientation. We have to live with ourselves each day as we were created by God. The God that I love and worship (apparently in the same church as the Cardinal) did not make any mistakes when he created me or anyone else, gay or straight. Our human failings are just that; human and not of God. It is these failings which prevent us from seeing the true worth of God's creation.


Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire