Letter: Get the massage

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Sir: Sue Arnold has obviously missed the message ("Massage is the key to good exams", 26 May). The relaxation methods introduced by Monica Troughton to the children at the Trinity School do play a part in exam preparation, but within the context of sound educational learning and teaching methodology.

As the parents of two 13-year-old pupils at the school who have benefited from Monica's techniques, we can fully endorse the school's positive and caring attitude to institutional learning, supported by close community and parent links.

Before mocking the benefits that stress-release participation provides to the pupils, Sue Arnold should better understand the holistic approach of the Trinity School in supporting all areas of child development, enabling them to grow into mature, responsible and confident adults - and, indeed, with excellent academic results.

The medium in this case is not the massage but the instilling of self- belief, trust and inner responsibilities. Monica's sessions help to provide this.



Leamington Spa, Warwickshire