Letter: Get tough on dogs

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Sir: Whilst the attempt by Congleton Council to get tough with dog owners who allow their animals to foul public areas with a "name and shame" scheme can only be applauded, it should be remembered that pet owners are a breed apart and should be treated as such ("Beware the dog squad", 14 July).

The idea that those who have happily and publicly allowed their animals to defecate all over the shop will be shamed by the small but hygienic indignity of a court appearance is clearly barking up the wrong tree.

What is needed are tougher measures. May I make a few suggestions?

Not just "naming and shaming" but publicising too. Companies keen to associate themselves with environmental and municipal concerns could sponsor large poster sites in prominent places to display photographs of offending pet owners. DNA profiling could also be used to initiate a pioneering "three strikes and it's taxidermy" campaign.

I believe in Paris there is a fleet of motorbike riders equipped with sophisticated freeze-drying and hoovering equipment. You simply phone them up rather like ordering a pizza. Could this be franchised?

It must be worth a new government department at least.