Letter: GM crop secrets

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Sir: As a scientist working in a university pharmacy department, I have followed the raging GM debate with interest. At first I was scornful of the term "Frankenstein food", failing to see the analogy between genetically modified crops and the reanimation of a cadaver.

However, after seeing the labours of Greenpeace and other "concerned" individuals, I can now see that this phrase is well used. Was not Frankenstein's monster hounded back to the grave by "concerned" individuals who did not (or could not) understand and were hence fearful?

Not all scientists should be pigeon-holed as GM enthusiasts. Most of us are very concerned about the impact of GM crops on the environment and wish to see extensive research carried out to establish any hazards. It was with some dismay that I read your report, "We'll hold GM trials in secret, ministers warn". Some of us would like to see these test crops reach fruition openly and in the clear light of public scrutiny, without being demolished by over-zealous opponents. Only then can the country have any confidence in the results of these tests when they are published.


Warrington, Cheshire