Letter: Good Book guide

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Sir: Clare Garner writes (1 October) about Christian bookshops boycotting The Pocket Canons as if we were a homogeneous species. Some Christian bookshops, of a more conservative nature, may well be doing so, but we cater for a more liberal Christian clientele and are proud to display these interesting and challenging mini-books.

The Bible is not the exclusive possession of right-wing Christians, who tend to turn it into an idol; it is an important part of our literary heritage and can be read by anyone of any faith or none. It is refreshing to read the introductions to these selected biblical books, written by a variety of celebrities from different fields, whose views are as valid as those quoted in your article. Why on earth should those commenting on Old Testament books come from a Christian background? It seems entirely fitting that several are introduced by Jewish writers.

It is a pity that so often narrow-minded Christians are allowed to speak as if for the whole of the Christian community. Some of us have brains and imaginations and have moved a little beyond a pre-enlightenment mindset.



Cornerstone Bookshop