Letter: Good to talk?

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Sir: I was reading Mike Rowbottam's article on the intrusiveness of the mobile phone (12 June) on the train between York and London.

Behind me two conversations were being broadcast to the rest of the carriage. One was of the kind designed to impress - sprinkled with references to Range Rovers, champagne, and the Grand Prix. The other was about shopping and hairdressing.

In desperation, I got out the Independent article and placed it on the table. It was immediately screwed up and another phone conversation ensued.

Around me were students trying to revise, people trying to rest, people trying to read books containing long sentences - but we were all tyrannised by the mobile phone users, never sure when the next interruption would come, and so unable to relax. I hope they will soon be given (not too salubrious) carriages to themselves, or be made to stand outside the toilets.

I've considered having politely worded cards printed to hand to nuisance mobile phone users.



North Yorkshire