Letter: Good to talk?

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Sir: Health Minister Tessa Jowell will not have to wait for years of research to prove that mobile phones are injurious to health (report, 10 June); the evidence is already here.

Mild effects include a loss of spatial awareness: the user will phone in his location at ever-increasing frequency for no apparent reason - "The train's three minutes late", "We're just leaving Peterborough", "We're north of Doncaster" and so on.

In worse cases the user may exhibit signs of distress when the train enters a cutting and signal break-up occurs. In the advanced stages doctors may then prescribe the fitting of Global Positioning System helmets, thus ensuring that all the user's friends, colleagues and family know exactly where he is at all times.

I propose Railtrack be pro-active in this matter and initiate now a rolling programme of unnecessary tunnel construction to drive these sad people back on to the roads where they belong.