Letter: Grateful to Europe

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Sir: Rarely have I read such mumbo-jumbo as John Mercer's letter on the EU (2 November). Far from having had no democratic opportunity to express "our" detestation for the European Union, there were at least two anti-European parties at the last election (The Referendum Party and the UK Independence Party), neither of which made any impact.

Far from detesting the EU, we should be grateful for the forbearance it has shown us over the years. This is now exemplified by the single currency. The other member states have allowed us the option of joining if it is a success and staying out if it is a failure.

To accuse the EU of making too many demands on us and stripping us of our rights and of our laws is laughable. The EU gives a reasonable guarantee that never in the future will we be engulfed by the mayhem of war between major European states

Far from joining Mr Mercer in his boycott of European goods, my wife and I will take an extra delight on our next trip to France in stocking our car with as much wine and cheese as it will hold.


Poulton, Gloucestershire