Letter: Greedy charities

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Sir: You report (31 May) that charitable giving has fallen by a third in recent years. I would like to suggest a reason other than those you mention: the aggressive and greedy attitude of many charities.

All too frequently when one gives a donation one is bombarded - often almost by return of post - with requests for yet more money. Further requests follow, sometimes backed up by telephone calls.

When I renewed my deed of covenant and doubled my donation to a well- known charity whose work I greatly admire, I shortly got a letter thanking me for my support, but adding that "as it is Christmas, perhaps you could find it in your heart to give just a little bit more". I also discovered that another charity had, without my knowledge or consent, given my name to another organisation who are now bombarding me with begging letters.

I believe such tactics are both ungracious and counterproductive; charities should learn that if they become too greedy they kill off the geese that lay the golden eggs.


Waddington, Lancashire