Letter: Hidden ingredients

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Sir: Nick Brown, the Minister of Agriculture, claims that new EU labelling regulations will mean that people can "consume food that they know does not contain GMOs [genetically modified organisms], if that's what they want to do". ("Restaurants must identify modified food", 1 February). He must have been very badly briefed.

Last week Worcestershire Scientific Services revealed that a third of the 200 products they had analysed contained genetically modified soya or maize. Only one product mentioned the fact on its label, and most companies claimed not to know that their products contained GM ingredients. And if companies don't know, they will not label their products.

Furthermore, the EU labelling law does not cover all GM ingredients. Genetically modified oils and lecithin (a soya derivative), both present in much processed food, are exempt from the labelling scheme.


Food Campaigner

Friends of the Earth

London N1