Letter: Hoddle in the dock

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Sir: Glenn Hoddle, it is alleged, has said that disabled people must have sinned in a previous life. How do we know he is wrong?

Today many people believe that what they believe is true for them and that it is what they believe that matters. What is particularly alarming is that Mr Hoddle is condemned for believing something that is apparently unpalatable and unkind to others rather than for believing something that is not true. We apparently now live in a world in which truth is secondary to what is palatable.

As a Christian I believe that what Mr Hoddle has said is untrue. My belief in a truth that I believe has been revealed gives me a view of how the world works that makes me sure that what Mr Hoddle believes is wrong. This episode is simply the symptom of a society which appears to have little agreed value base and little concern to get involved in the rather messy business of trying to discern what is true.