Letter: Hot ticket

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Sir: John Percival ("Bolshoi shows promising signs of a new glory", 7 July) is more or less on target. The first night of La Bayadere gives some hope to those who wish to see this great company restored to its former glories.

However, surely he wrote his review on the rehearsal performance only. Had he attended the first night he would have remarked on the stifling temperature in the Coliseum, which for many took the edge off their enjoyment.

He might also have recounted the management's prank of hiring ushers with the manner and voices of workhouse-keepers to demand our presence in the theatre 10 to 15 minutes before the orchestra sauntered in after each interval.

Besides an enforced wait in insufferable heat, the delays extended performance time by more than half an hour, causing great inconvenience to many patrons. A whiff of Soviet-style public relations?


London SE10