Letter: In Brief

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Sir: John Walsh declares that the "nation shudders" at radio cricket commentary being lost from the BBC to Talk Radio (Comment, 21 April). This particular part of the nation does no such thing: in fact it rejoices, with many others, that BBC Radio 4 on long wave won't be a desert of commentary on a minority-interest ball game for days on end.

Sir: "Centuries of obscure legal jargon abolished" (22 April). Splendid. But why does it take two Latin words ("claim form") to replace one clear English one ("writ") that has served for a millennium at the heart of the English legal system?

Sir: In response to your feature on Sonia Friedman and Dominic Dromgoole ("The West End's new beginning", 21 April) we would like to point out a small inaccuracy - the assertion that the opening date for our rebuilt Sloane Square home remains "worryingly uncertain". In fact, we are fully on course for opening in the autumn and all interested parties should look out in early September for the launch of our first season back in SW3.