Letter: Infallible atheist

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Infallible atheist

Sir: Maurice Hill (letter, 24 June) informs us, with all the infallible certainty which only an atheist can muster, that there are no gods, heaven, hell etc, on the grounds that there is no "evidence" for the existence of these things.

Mr Hill's belief that the only reality is that whose existence can be conclusively demonstrated to others rules out God by definition, because if his existence could be "proved" scientifically he would have become subject to human investigation and thus limited; certainly not God.

It is through personal experience, contemplation, or meditation that we may come to an awareness of God. The fact that we may not be able to satisfy others of the validity of this is no more a denial of its reality than the fact that, for example, we may be unable to satisfy others of a loved one's fidelity.


Chislehurst, Kent