Letter: Insult to Russia

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Sir: It is our policy that no aid, or very little, should go to Serbia while Milosevic remains in power. This is questionable for two reasons. The economic recovery of the entire region requires the restoration of Serbia's infrastructure. And what would the effect be on Serbian public opinion if there were a visible large-scale Western effort to rebuild their country?

Milosevic thrives on anti-Western feeling, and aid might, paradoxically, undermine his position. This may be the time to remember Churchill's words: "In victory, magnanimity."

Billions will now be spent on the region. If half this cash had been spent ten years ago the wars since would have been avoided. Should this not give a lesson to the G8 as they discuss Third World debt? It may be that Jubilee 2000's proposals would save many lives and much treasure in future decades.