Letter: Interfere for nature

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Interfere for nature

Sir: I am a retired British citizen with no connection to the food industry apart from the pleasure of eating.

GM crops will provide the last nail in the coffin of the ecology of this sceptered isle which has been under sustained attack from the chemical companies for years. Inspired by the slogans of cheap food and larger profits we have watched wildlife rapidly disappear under attack from herbicides and pesticides and are in a fair way to producing a sterile land.

When we came to live here on the outskirts of Bromley, Kent, in 1959, bats were commonplace and owls could be heard calling at night; all have gone. The wheeling flocks of peewits in the Vale of Keston were a joy, as was the song of the skylark; all have gone. House martins, once common, have gone. We used to be awakened by a glorious dawn chorus in the summer; no more. The latest casualties are sparrows and starlings.

Politicians seem to be unaware or lack the moral fibre and guts to stand up and be counted.


Bromley, Kent