Letter: Islam and gays

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Islam and gays

Sir: On behalf of the 2 million British Muslims, I would like to express our serious concern and anger, and protest at the portrayal of our blessed Jesus, the prophet of God, as homosexual in the play Corpus Christi on the Fringe of this year's Edinburgh Festival ("Last humiliation of Christ", 11 August).

This is blasphemous, and everybody knows that homosexuality is condemned in the Bible and strongly condemned in Islam. The blessed Jesus was to us the symbol of utmost purity, the son of the blessed Virgin Mary, who was the role model for all the women of the world.

All Muslim believers and all Christian believers should stand up together and strongly oppose this play, which is insulting to all believers in God and Jesus. This play should be stopped by all means if we are true believers.


Coordinator, Islamic Concern

London N15