Letter: It was worth it

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Sir: "Was it worth it?", asks Harold Judd, a veteran of the First World War (report, 11 November). Of course, Mr Judd is entitled, as so few others are, to ask this question, but I hope that he knows in his heart of hearts that it was worth it.

Our appreciation of the gift given to us by his generation (and those who fought in the Second World War) is not diminished by our ignorance of the price that was paid for it. I am able to live and raise my children in peace and freedom, with only small worries, thanks to these men. And I shall endeavour to ensure that my children know enough about what has gone before to understand how lucky they are.

And to those who wonder why we now spend our time reading gossip about politicians and royalty (letter, 11 November), I would only say: We do so because we can. Distasteful as it often is, it is infinitely preferable to lists of friends and family killed or missing in action.


Hintlesham, Suffolk