Letter: Jail for paedophiles

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Sir: In your leading article "These paedophiles should stay in jail" (24 August), you say that the Government should introduce legislation to enable the behaviour of sex offenders to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that supervision should be based on this assessment.

This is precisely what we have done. The Crime and Disorder Act introduces Sex Offender Orders which will bring under supervision sex offenders who give cause for concern, regardless of the legislation under which they were originally sentenced. The whole purpose of the order is to prevent further offending. Severe penalties, including imprisonment, are available for those who fail to comply with their Order.

We recognise that this is an area where there are no easy answers and that we may have to do more. But the Government has made a bold start and brought about a significant shift in the way sex offenders are handled in the community and by the criminal justice system. Our priority is to protect children and vulnerable adults. The police and probation services are responding magnificently to that challenge.


Minister of State

Home Office

London SW1