Letter: Justice in Europe

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Justice in EuropeSir: Corpus Juris, or the Napoleonic Code, looks set to be imposed upon Britain by the European Union in the near future.

May I ask those who welcome the EU and all its works, such as our MEPs of all parties except the UK Independence Party, why they wish to destroy the British justice system?

What was in the mind of all our MEPs, save two, when they voted for Corpus Juris in the previous session of the European Parliament? Should they ever have the misfortune to be arrested, do they think it would be better to be incarcerated for months on end, term renewable, than to rely on British habeas corpus?

Won't they mind not seeing anyone but their lawyer in all that time? Will they enjoy not having the British right to silence?

Will they think it better to be considered guilty until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty, as at present? Will they be glad to be judged by three elderly gentlemen rather than 12 of their peers?

And if they are, by some chance, judged innocent by the first court, will they be happy to be judged again and again and again on the same account if the judiciary is not happy with the result?


UK Independence Party Organiser For Members Living Overseas