Letter: Kosovo crisis

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Sir: President Clinton said on Friday, with reference to Kosovo, that "hesitation is a licence to kill". True. An enormous human tragedy is unfolding before our eyes. Why are we witnessing hesitation?

Nato should have acted on Saturday, as soon as the observers had left. Yet we see Richard Holbrook making another visit. Is it to ask Mr Milosevic's permission to commence hostilities?

Two things are needed very fast First, a safe area to be created for the Kosovars, free of all Serb security forces. This will need a very large number of ground troops, because the local Serb civilians also need protection and because Serb forces need to be ejected. And second, a speedy referendum for the Kosovars on full independence from Serbia.

Furthermore, the capture and trial of President Milosevic for war crimes is not just desirable but it is imperative, because the parallel with Saddam Hussein and the Kurds in northern Iraq is becoming too painfully obvious.


Meopham, Kent