Letter: Kosovo's fate

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Sir: I just want to remind Mr Robertson that before the Nato bombing there was not a single refugee on either the Macedonian or the Albanian border, that the KLA is far from being disarmed, and that the number of murders of non-Albanians has fallen for one very simple reason. There are only a few of them left in Kosovo ("Things are getting better in Kosovo, so don't pick holes in its reconstruction", 3 December).

Before the bombing Kosovars did not need help from the World Food Programe. Before the bombing there were not mass graves. Before the bombing there was no pollution from DU ammunition. But all of this was justified by US figures of 100,000 dead Albanians. They have found 2,000 which is a huge number but nowhere near the "genocide" that was the mantra of this government.

If you believe George Robertson on this one you believe that Elvis is still alive, that Clinton "did not have sex with that woman" and that the Chinese Embassy was bombed due to the use of old maps.


London SE11