Letter: Labour NEC vote

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Sir: Your leader ("A blatant insult", 11 September) refers to the "deliberate leaking of the interim results of the ballot of party members for their National Executive". There are no such interim results.

The integrity of this ballot for six of the new 32-place NEC is absolute and the conduct of our internal elections is beyond reproach. No party officials are involved in monitoring the outcome or have any access to returns. Any speculation on the result is nothing more than guesswork.

The ballot is being conducted by a reputable and highly respected independent scrutineer, Unity Security Balloting Services, who have conducted leadership and NEC ballots for the party since 1993.

Unlike the Conservatives, who have conducted their own ballots without even knowing their full membership and have never conducted internal elections by national ballot, Labour is a democratic and participatory party.


Assistant General Secretary

The Labour Party

London SW1