Letter: Lessons of Camelot

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Sir: In the year 2001 let's not hand over our National Lottery to Mr Branson. Notwithstanding his offer to run it sans profit, he ought to have enough on his hands looking after his far-from-clockwork railway. Nor should we involve any other entrepreneur or plc. The lessons of Camelot (admittedly with a pussyfoot OFLOT) have surely been learned.

The people's lottery would be best run by the people and for the people. Let efficient National Savings take charge. Premium Bonds and the Lottery would run well in tandem. With the coming National Lottery Commission firmly in charge, Britain could have fund-raising free from greed.

At the same time, top prizes should be reduced to pounds 1m so that many more punters won the lesser amounts. The mid-week draw has lost its charm and should go. If there is any televising of results, it should be by way of a five-minute news slot on all channels without fee or favour.